Adrenaline Adventure Nepal

Rope Course

A rope course construction is a guarantee for a challenge, adventure and fun. A high ropes course, where young and older people can climb and clamber in a safe and adventurous way. Swinging from obstacle to obstacle like Tarzan, Balancing, Burma Bridge, Twines, Commando Net, Cargo Net, Flying Fox, Tyrolean Travers, Balancing Beam, Tunnel Crawl, Machan, Monkey Crawl, Rope Ladders, Foot Bridges, Rope Bridges, Rope Tunnel, Zig-Zag Balancing, Vertical Net, Tier Bridge, Log Balancing Walk and many more adventure activities at large height on a tree trunk or MS pole post. Overcoming the obstacles at height together and having fun. It’s an experience that will give your guests a smile on their face and indelible memory

We offer a comprehensive service in the area of ropes courses

  • Design, fabrication and installation of permanent ropes courses setup.

  • Construction and installation of temporary low and high rope courses

  • Training of instructors on leading the programs in the ropes courses.

  • Training of instructors on setting up the temporary rope elements.

  • Sale of safety materials appropriate for ropes courses.

  • Service and safety inspections of existing ropes courses.